Who is your real friend?

Who is your real friend?

Two days ago, I asked this psychological question to many members of my contacts for the research purpose also a poll conducted by a friend Vishal Patel

Who is your real friend?

(a) One who has emotionally connected to you

(b) One who has promised, he/she will stand for you always.

(c) One who has similar kind of thought process like you.

(d) One who has money & power.

Let’s discuss the different perspectives,

Table 2/1 Here is data of my contact’s chosen answers:

            Options    Selected no. of members
            a            11
            b            4
            c            8
            d            1
          Skipped            22

Table 2/2 Here is the data of Vishal Patel’s poll :

            Options    Selected no. of members
              a           53
              b           28
              c           22
              d           3
          Skipped        No data available

Now I’m telling that there is no intention of judging the people but I wanted observation so I’ve asked this question. Yup! This is just a research nothing else.

Now let’s come to the correct answer is

(c) One who has similar kind of thought process like you.

Exp.  A real friend has similar kind of thought process.

Why ?

Option a) One who has emotionally connected with you because of emotional bonding that may be any relation in your family or anything, as well emotional bonding start with sympathy & and end with arguments or end due to lack of communication when the situation will be out of control.

I’ll explain option (b) later

First, we need to talk about options (a) & (c). A friendship that starts same the kind of thinking process of the people they will become friends by their thoughts, not by any emotional attachment. Now the question arises… What guarantees that option (c) type people’s thought processes will not change later when the situation will be out of control? Yes possible that both or anyone’s thought process can change but point is that they became friends by their same kind of thinking so they do not disturb each other by arguments and will not be angry with each other. They will try to communicate & will focus on understanding and solving the problems instead of fighting to each other while option a) kind friend will blame, will cry and more drama will create because of emotional sentiments. With emotion any relationship can’t go so long if both have not similar kind of thought processes. Option (a) type friends compromise with each other just because of emotional attachment otherwise if the thought process is not same how they can communicate well & truly can give supports to each other without sympathy ? Practically this is not possible. They (option-a) do not understand responsibility they depend on emotions.

Option (b) type friends never can be real friends! Because if we human need to live with anyone just because of promises then this is not true relationship. If we are really true friends what need of promises? Promises just bound the people.

If we want true friends then there will be freedom means friendship’s piller should be responsibilty not anything else e.g. promises, emotional attachment, sympathy etc. We just need same kind of thought process by which we can be critical thinker, supportive, responsible, optimistic etc.  I don’t think we need to discuss about option (d). I just can say those 4 people selected option (d) they are not human.

Hope you have gotten my points so clear that option #c is the correct answer.

Option c) One who has similar kind of thought process like you.

– Karm K. Sanju (Believe in your actions)

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