Six qualities which prove that you are a Champion (Winner) or Loser (Failure)

Six qualities which prove that you are a Champion (Winner)

  1. You have a written dream in your life.
  2. You get up to bed in the morning before 4 am and go to bed to sleep before 11 pm.
  3. You have a desire (Curiosity) to learn more & more, most important your thoughts are about improving and upgrading yourself consistently for the next version.
  4. You have 8+ hrs of working on your dream per day.
  5. You don’t give excuses.
  6. No procrastination habits.

Six worst qualities that prove that you are loser (failure)

  1. Comparing yourself to someone else.
  2. Feeling sorry for your present situation.
  3. Developing any relationship just for greed/fun/emotional attachment etc
  4. Complaining/blaming always others.
  5. No fixed time schedule for sleeping.
  6. More concerns about getting results instead of executing ideas & efforts on the processes.

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