Q. How to maintain a happy & healthy relationship (Friendship/Love Life/Married Life) ?

Q. How to maintain a happy & healthy relationship (Friendship/Love Life/Married Life) ?

Ans.  In my researches & knowledge, I’ve found that If you want nourish any relationship happy & healthy then take a look on following aspects :

  • Good Communication
  • No lack of money in heart
  • Be Honest, Loyal & Faithful
  • Doubts less and trust more
  • See happiness in being together NOT in money & materials
  • Fit yourself (Physically & Mentally)
  • Be cooperative
  • Learn to say sorry & do improvement
  • Be creative
  • Putting 100% efforts
  • Worry less w.r.t. problems & future

 Good Communication :

Various scientific studies have proven that if you learn how to communicate with other people, you will have goen 85% of the way down the road to success in any fields, personal or professional and about 99% of the way to personal happiness. Good communication is also a 50% solution to each & every problem of human beings, rest 50% is how we take actions.  so don’t think anyway that without good communication there is any way to maintain happy & healthy relationship. For better communication skills, learn different foreign langauges e.g. English, Turkish, French etc and read standard books related life.

No lack of money in heart

“No lack of money in heart” means that Paiso ka sharing, ko lekar aapke dil me jagah honi chahiye aapko apne friend/gf/wife/husband ko paise share karne ke baare me dimag se nhi sochna chahiye. Aisa na ho ki aap apne relationship ko bina paiso ke support karna chah rhe ho…aap paiso ko apne relationship se jyda value na de. Money is basic need of human life so earn money but don’t be so busy just earning & saving money, value your relation most not the money.            

Be Honest, Loyal & Faithful

Being honest, loyal & faithful is very necessary in any kind of relationships. Don’t try to insult or show off that you are superior. May be you are on good position & belong to good background but it doesn’t define that you are superior, Every person is comes through God/Universe so don’t insult anyone may be God/Universe give him/her so much power & he/she become unstoppable. Please don’t try to cheat it’s my humble request because cheating is nothing else but sin. Being honest & loyal is responsibility while cheating is an option. So choose wisely, What you want responsibility or option? and keep in mind karma will hit back just wait and watch, you reap as you sow!

Doubts less and trust more

Being in any relation, don’t doubts so much. May be sometimes doubts come then ask to him/her. Doubts kills more relation/dream than failure ever does so trust & appreciate more than doubts.                     

See happiness in being together NOT in money & materials

Discover or create your happiness in being together not in substances, gifts or money. You’ll understand the real value your relation when your lost that relation after that you will miss most that person not substances because memories lies within the person not in substances or money. If he/she can’t afford to give substances or money but he/she can cooperate with you.

Fit yourself (Physically & Mentally)

Fitness is very important for everything not only for the happy & healthy relationship. If you are not physically well then you do not act on your thoughts as well you will create problems for yourself then you’ll put burden on your relation. Mentally fitness too vital because without it you can’t start physical activities. When you’ll be well by your fitness you will shine more also your thoughts, decisions & actions will be in a row.

Be cooperative

Be cooperative, don’t be burden on your relation. Working in cooperation will make tasks/targets/goals easier for yourself as well as  for your relation.

Example: Never underestimate the power of calm mindset leader with cooperative team supports. Before the starting the #AsiaCup2022 most of experts were saying that #IND & #PAK is favourite to win trophy while @OfficialSLC has no chances 🙄 now today rest is history. #AsiaCup2022Final                     

Learn to say sorry & do improvement

You can be good enough but never can be perfect means infallible/errorless. So when need to say sorry, say it. Don’t hesitate because by saying sorry you can move ahead and can improve that mistakes. When other person makes mistakes told to him privately (appreciate publically & criticize privately) he/she will improve.  Don’t fear to be errors/mistakes because this is common human nature but do not repeats same mistakes again and again. If you do not repeats mistakes then it prove that you are improving. 

Be creative

I have learned that you can get by on charm or substances or money for about  few months or years after that, you would better know something. so being creative so important otherwise, you will finish your relation soon or later.

Putting 100% efforts

If you make that habit of putting 100% efforts in your craft then surely will put 110% efforts for your relation.

“There are no guarantees in life, but it is a sure thing that you will get back what you give. If you give 100% of your attention, energy, and time to a thing, you will get exactly that back. Make sure you give all that you have to make sure you will get all that you need.”
– Iyanla Vanzant

 Worry less w.r.t. problems & future

“Everybody want to do something same kinds of things but when comes to doing may be, they do or do not do same kind of things” so do not pre-planed for the future so much, worry less! Be problems solver not problems creator if you worry more then you will create more problems”


After discussing various aspects, now we have reached on conclusion. I think now’s world has become very fast people have no time for creative thinking, discussing the problems etc. People want questions just Yes or No types NOT WWH. Nowadays ego playing huge role in destroying relationships and creating problems. People are not caring about the valuable relations they are busy in collecting materials & money, this is tragedy!

Here is few points that can make great revolution in any person’s life:

  • Never leave anything incomplete when you have started.
  • Don’t worry for failure, this is not permanent. Failures are just practices, you need to success only one time.
  • Don’t be shy, express yourself.
  • Don’t be blind, things take work as:

                            Trust                      more

                           Doubt                    less

                           Read                      more

                          Write                      less

                           Eat                         less

                           Digest                    more

                           Give                        more

                           Take                        less

  • Be real by your own thoughts and things, don’t try to be someone else. When you have already realized that you are hero of your life then know/create own characters & work on.
  • Never try to impress anyone, present yourself in your best version.
  • Human body is not sweet. Yup true! Thoughts and behaviour matter most so must be learn something about human physiology.
  • Never ignore the person who loves you truly if you were in relationship with him/her once a time! You can feel the pain then don’t ruined pure feelings (Pure feelings are uncountable). Hurting someone’s true feelings is really sin. Moving on is a choice but hurting pure feelings by lies is crime.
  • For hiding one lie need to tell 100 more lies, as for hiding 100 lies need to 1000 lies as more and more.  After doing this you can’t forgive yourself so don’t lie just be honest in relationship.
  • Focus on growth, break today’s records tomorrow.

        Signing off                                                                                                                


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