Jai Hind Friends,

By this article I’m sharing my CSE (Civil Services Examination) Prep. journey (26 dec 2021 – 26 dec 2022).

So let’s start

About myself & my education qualification

Myself Karm, Just a year ago I’ve completed my “Masters in Botany” from U.P. Autonomous College Varanasi Uttar-Pradesh. I belong to Pratapgarh district in Uttar-Pradesh. I’ve worked as co-founder of PET Botany (An online e-learning platform for P.G. Botany entrance exam preparation) for two years (2021-2022). My basic education has done from my district’s schools & colleges (Class I-XII) to U.P. Board. Later I came here in Varanasi from my higher education (U.G. & P.G.).

When & How I’ve chosen UPSC IAS/IFS for my career?

I think it was year 2018 when I was preparing for Universities Entrance Exam most likely for Banaras Hindu University PET Botany during those time a friend just discussed about myself and told me “Your thought process really nice you should be think about UPSC, I think you can become an IAS” really that moment I’ve no thoughts about UPSC so I respond let will think after entrance exam. Unfortunately, w.r.t. my personal familiar issues I couldn’t prepared for entrance exam so I missed BHU that was my dream but I’ve gotten U.P. Autonomous College Varanasi Uttar-Pradesh for Masters in Botany so I’ve taken admission and again started my academic journey. “U.P. Autonomous College is one of the best college in Uttar-Pradesh for Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses”  This is my statement with two years experiences; Faculty supports, Teachers/Professors, Library, Educating methods, Practical experiments etc are well defined & pro-active. Every teachers are good enough there (in UPC) and My favourite teacher/professor was Dr. Ajai Kumar Singh who has taught me Plant Resources & Utilization. During 3rd & 4rth semester our most of teachers/professors were inspiring us for future career because I think most of students have not clear what will they do after Masters then I well thought about my career, really I don’t want go in research field (CSIR/PhD). Initially I started preparing CSE as Indian Forest Services (IFoS) preparation but soon I realized that I need to attempt for IAS, IFS, IFoS & UPPSC, UPPSC ACF & RFO etc

My thoughts about UPSC exams/jobs

UPSC exams are very best way of discovering/creating/knowing yourself & this world. If you inspire to learn more, create more & share more then I think you deserve to be a civil servant. UPSC jobs provide us taking responsibilities of societies that is most respectable honour for any person.

My CSE Prep. journey 26 dec 2021 to 26 dec 2022

26 dec. 2021 is the day when I officially decided to prepare CSE sincerely.  Till the day my journey is very exciting; daily, weekly & monthly I set tasks (written) and for completing those tasks I putted my 100% efforts but some day when I couldn’t put my 100% I have not been sad or doubts on me because I’m a human not machine so sometimes 50-60% efforts also countable, we need to accept it. After dec 2021 to July 2022 I’ve taken time for clearing all kinds of doubts because after 5-6 months’ time investing we can analysis better every kinds of our doubts so I invested around 30-35k in books & monthly magazines. Those things I can’t control I don’t care about that like I can’t go Delhi for Prelims & Mains prep. so I don’t care about it but for Live class, Test Series, Books, Magazines etc  I can afford so I’ve these things or will continue purchasing these things. I take learnings from few good qualities IAS Officers like Anudeep Dirushetty, Manuj Jindal, Kanishak Kataria, Akshat Jain, Arpit Gupta etc

Point to be noted that I just take learnings, it doesn’t means I follow them personally (whatever! sincere guys can get my point). As I’m very passionate learner I never get bored in preparing because I know each & every second that we invest in worrying is waste of time & energy so you can understand what kind of Person I’m! Now I’m Pro-Version of myself & belong to 2% club of people. I don’t repeat mistakes as well as don’t get involve any types of dramas (lafde). I’m ready to break my own records daily. My competition with myself because I’m working on a deep meaningful goal. I’m going to do what is right for me in my beliefs & actions. My thought process & action inspire me to do more, live more, create more, share more.

Yes now I’m unstoppable Karm.

Let’s know meaning of KARM

K = Knowledge

A = Awesome

R = Ready (Prepared)

M = Marvellous (Marasli)

Few tips from my side to beginners:

Ask to yourself these few questions & write down well defined answers of these questions:

Q. Who are you and What’s your purpose of life?

Q. Why are you selecting UPSC IAS/IFS etc?

Q. What are UPSC Exams & What are mandatory demands of UPSC for become a Civil Servant?

Q. How you’ll prepare for all three stages of UPSC Exams?

Q. Can you put 8-10hrs daily basis in preparation and can analysis your preparation daily>weekly>monthly?

Q. Can you learn about applied knowledge of Biology > Psychology > Philosophy > Economics?

Q. Have you courage to face all obstacles that will come in your UPSC journey?

Q. Will you enjoy process rather than results?

Then, here is UPSC CSE preparation formula

Syllabus > PYQs > DFS > Q.P./A.W. > R-1D > R-2W > R-3M > M.T. = Prepared


PYQs = Previous years question papers

DFS = Deep Focus Study

Q.P. = Questions Practice

A.W. = Answer Writing

R-1D = Revision 1st Daily

R-2W = Revision 2nd Weekly

R-3M = Revision 3rd Monthly

M.T. = Mock Tests

My life’s learnings through quotes:

[x] Develop a passion for learning, if you do you will never cease to grow.

[x] It’s fine to celebrate success but It’s more important heed the lessons of failures.

[x] Organise your thoughts, materials, notes, content etc so you can revise smoothly. Remember that without revision learning is incomplete.

[x] Don’t judge people but observe their thought process + habits.

[x] 95% time invest in youself (mandatory), rest 5% time invest in others (optional).

[x] Honesty is the best policy.

[x] Financial independence is very vital in our life. When you financially independent, you have the ability to live your life on your own terms.

[x] For stability must be save a-z backup plans (for short term) so your long term process can’t be disturbed.

[x] Impressing others is an illusion. Stop seeking to be liked. Instead, focus all of energy on a higher mission.




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