How We can write good diary & why diary writing is most important for the people whose have long term visions?

Diary writing is an excellent habit i.e. very useful for various aspects of life. Today I’m going to express in my words; How We can write good diary ? Why We should write diary ? Why diary writing is most important for ppl whose have long term visions?

How We can write good diary ?

Actually good time to start writing a diary is every new year. In december month you need to buy a good quality diary. To new year you can start writing your diary. In front page of diary should be write in “Note : Please don’t read this diary without writer’s permission”. then below that page; write your favourite quote/thought/poem etc whatever yours favourite and do these works before 1st day of new year. To new year daily early morning & Night (before go to sleep) write your few thoughts in your diary and below that thought must be add exact time & date of writing that thought and keep going like this whole months. You can use highlighter marker for colouring texts for better looks. Now need to know what kinds of thoughts you will write in your diary ? Write positive or negative thoughts but make sure during reading that thought you will get motivated and feel energetic. Never write any thought that feel you hurt, demotivated, sad or angry. You can also write your decisions or processes that you want implement in your life goals with exact way you write your thoughts.

Here below I described in few points Why We should write diary :

  • For developing good habits of writing your thoughts. “People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures”
  • For Executing nice thoughts in your life. “A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts, so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions” ~ Alan watts
  • For being stubborn with your decisions as well becoming perseverant person w.r.t. your life goals & decisions.
  • The real value of writing every day isn’t teaching others, it’s teaching yourself about how your mind works. You naturally become calmer.

Diary writing is most important for ppl whose have long term visions :

Yes diary writing is most important for the ppl whose have long-term visions for following reasons :

  • Long-term visions ppl need to be develop good habits and skills, without good habits/skills they can’t well execute on long term visions.
  • They need to be clear with mindset so they can make good decisions. Diary writing makes us clear minded ppl.
  • They should have plans for future & lessons from past so diary writing very vital for this process.
  • For analysing works, any incidents and satisfaction.
  • For self motivation & inspiration.

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