Comparison among Ordinary, Extraordinary & Mad people

Comparison among Ordinary, Extraordinary & Mad people

Qualities Ordinary People Extraordinary People  Mad people
Approx % of ppl on earth   50%



 5% 45%
Wake up time After 6:00 IST Before 5:00 IST  ANYTIME
Sleep hrs 6+ hrs 4-5 hrs 8-10 hrs or No sleep for couple of days
Eat Everything that availabe for them Very selective & Salads are most common for them Everything
Working hrs 6-8 hrs 8-15 or 8-18 hrs No data available
PD works & Self observation Rare (lack of consistency) Daily (with consistency) None
Self control 20-25% 75-90% 0%
Life related Books reading habit Yes (25-50%) Yes (75-90%) Data not available
Newspaper reading for National & International news & updates habit May be or May not Yes Data not available
Creating/Writing self thoughts or quotes May be or May not Yes Data not available
Acadmic desire 70-99% Results 55-70% Results Data not available
Dresses’s choice Fancy & various varities Simple or Standard with single or multiple choices Various varities clothes like dancers
Sacrifice habit May be or May not Yes No
Care of self Yes NO (Care for their thoughts, habits & actions) Data not available
Friends Zone Many friends Very less or None Data not available
Social sites uses Yes Frequently in a day Yes Rare in a week/month Yes 12+ hrs available there
Debate habit Talk mostly Arguments Talk mostly facts in a good manner Talk mostly abusing langauge
How much time they think & act 30-50% think / 50-70% act 10% think / 90 act 99% think / 1% act or 0% act
Aim or work for Money, Successes,  Pleasures, Fame & Achievement Satisfaction, Innovation, Donation & Invention Greed

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