Q. Why should not watch porn ?

Q. Why should not watch porn ? पोर्न क्यों नहीं देखना चाहिए? Ans: I know it’s pleasures but they’re cheap, brutal pleasures that fade fast and leave you worse off than before. Porn ultimately hurts the heart and confuses the mind. It gives nothing back. All it does is take. I played a character with a […]

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Is coaching necessary ?

Is coaching necessary ? Think of an elite sportsman like Virat Kohli. Does he have a personal coach ? Yes, he does. But would you say his career success is purely down to his coach ? Of course not. Kohli trains and suffers day in day out, practices consistently to learn and improve his game. […]

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How helpful are Mock Test Series ? 

  Many aspirants commit one fundamental mistake: they read and revise, over and over, but never practise. Remember that the examiner checking your copy will have no idea about the number of books you’ve read or the number of hours you’ve slogged. Your answers are all that he has to judge you. So it makes […]

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